Vanity of the Object: Tom Vack. Design Photography

The work of Tom Vack has left its own decisive imprint on the communication of the “image” as evidenced in the postmodern designs of Alchimia, Memphis and their successors. He has taken a new approach unlike classic object and product photography such as that of Aldo Ballo, producing emotionally and atmospherically charged compositions which have allowed viewers to catch a glimpse of the stories behind them, in a subjective, filmic, dramatic way.

Exhibition | Munich | November 8, 2014 - January 25, 2015

The Dowry of the Princess of Trebizond

Seven large stelae stand for the seven most beautiful cities in the  small empire of Trebizond on the Black Sea: mythical, majestic beings from a distant time. The legend interpreted by Linde Burkhardt.

Display | Munich | from September 25, 2014