Posters 009


1 | Non invasive techniques for identification and characterization of polymers in contemporary artworks

Cucci Constanza, Bacci Mauro, Picollo Marcello, Olmi Roberto, Pellicori Virginia

Institute of Applied Physics “N. Carrara”, Florence, Italy

University of Ferrara, Italy

2 | Antiaging for cultural heritage objects containing elastomers

Keller-Kempas Ruth , Tafelski Maxie

HTW Berlin, Filmmuseum Potsdam

3 | Towards a new methodology of conservation – restoration of electronical musical instruments and sound structure

Loeper-Attia Marie-Anne

Musée de la Musique, Paris, France

4 | Case studies of works containing modern polymeric materials in the collection of the Galleria d`Art Moderna e Contemporanea, Torino, Italy

Ploeger Rebecca , Verteramo Roberta, Chiantore Oscar

Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy

Laboratorio Roberta Verteramo, Torino, Italy

5 | VOC Analysis: A potential tool for decay monitoring

Simon Stefan, Gómez-Sánchez Elena

Rathgen Research Laboratory Berlin, Germany

6 | SAMCO. Making a SAMple Collection of plastic consisting of reference objects and standart materials

van Oosten Thea B., Laganá Anna, Keneghan Brenda, Shashoua Yvonne

Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Victoria and Albert Museum London, England

The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

7 | PY-GC-MS for the indentification of modern synthetic materials used for conservation in Chinese wall paintings

Wei Shuya, Schreiner Manfred, Zhang Qunxi

Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria

Shan’an Xi History Museum, Xi’an City, China

8 |  A case study: Deutsche Werte (aufblasbar) – Consolidation of alkyd paint on an inflatable PVC-bag from 1967, Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany

Cwiertnia Elke

Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Germany

9 | The vitreous retouch

Brachert Eva

Landesmuseum Mainz, Germany