Franziska Bergmann

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Lecture | An AEG-Fan Model VEA 25.
Aesthetical problem of the restauration of design objects including rubber
Franziska Bergmann
Abstract | The lecture deals with the conservation of an AEG-Fan Model VEA 25. The project is based on a bachelor thesis that has been evolved from the KUR-Projekt at the HTW-Berlin. The fan posses a typical 50th streamlining design and intense color. It has been produced by the AEG in Oldenburg (West-Germany). Today the fan belongs to the AEG-Collection of the Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin.
The major problem of the project is the restoration of the fans colored rubber. The rubber had been used extensively as a construction material for the fans blades. They are affected by heavy degradation and threatened by loss of material. A close examination of the condition will show the different kinds of degradation of rubber on this object and explain their causes. Another point is the presentation of the conservation concept. As a design object the shape and appearance of the fan should be neared to the original. Different analyses have been accomplished for the development of treatments such as cleaning, stabilization, closing of cracks and supplementation Finally mainly water based methods were used. Stabilization and crack closing were realized with an acrylic dispersion. A conservation material from the rubber industry has been applied terminatory on the surface.
Curriculum Vitae | 2005/2006 internship at ‚Technische Sammlung’ Dresden, Germany. Object conservation.
2006- 2010 studies in conservation of technical heritage and modern materials at the HTW- Berlin, University of Applied Sciences. Documentation, compiling of conservation concepts, analysis and treatments on objects of everyday life culture and special subjects in technical heritage from the different collections
2008 internship at ‚Filmmuseum Potsdam’, object conservation, working on the team for conception and conservation of a camera crane at the Filmpark Babelsberg (Potsdam), Germany
2010 Bachelor thesis about an AEG-Fan Modell Vea 25, conservation of elastomers (Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin)
2011 Master thesis, working on a Polyphon from 1900, dealing with intercrystalline corrosion on lead caused by carbon acids (Musikinstrumenten-Museum des Instituts für Musikforschung Berlin)