Julia Reischl I Michaela Tischer

12:05 AM

Lecture | Reversible airbrush retouching on faded grP objects This paper outlines the conservation and restoration of a GRP lounger designed by German design icon Luigi Colani in the late 1960s which is held in Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum, Munich. The red orange lounger is made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin […]

Thea Winther | Judith Bannerman | Hilde Skogstad| Lena Wikström | Tom Sandström | Ulrika Brynnel

02:06 PM

Lecture | Practical aspects on the testing and use of adhesives on polystyrene This presentation will focus on experience derived from adhesive joining of polystyrene objects. In 2012 seven adhesives were tested for their effect on polystyrene before and after light ageing. The impact of adhesives for treating general purpose and high impact polystyrene in […]

Roberta Verteramo | Daniele Regge | Matteo Poli | Simone Mazzetti

02:02 PM

Lecture | Inside the images from the plastic design object: a conservative approach. The project is the brainchild joint between the restorer specializing in design restoration, Roberta Verteramo, and Dr Daniele Regge, Director of Radiology IRCCS (Candiolo, Italy). The aim is using Computed Tomography for the objects analysis as a cultural heritage. What is it […]

Enrico Morteo | Giovanni Cutolo | Sandra Vazquez

01:57 PM

Lecture | The historical collection of the ADI Compasso d’oro award. Three case studies for the reconstruction of volumetric and industrial colour surface losses   A collaboration between The ADI Compasso d’Oro Collection Foundation and The “La Venaria Reale” Preservation and Restoration Center Foundation (CCR), has been established to tackle different aspects of the conservation […]

Lucille Royan | Eleonora Pellizzi

01:54 PM

Lecture | Application of aminoalkylalkoxysilane consolidant on polyurethane ester foam from a Ben Vautier’s work of art This research project deals with the conservation and restoration of an installation created by the French artist Ben Vautier titled In the spirit of Fluxus. This work of art belongs to the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville […]